DEC 16
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Reed Lobby
9 am - 5 pm daily
Monday - Sunday
The exhibit is FREE and Open to the Public
Celebrating Durham's 150!

THE IMAGE IS NOT SQUARE includes a group of artists that produce visual promotional material as part of their creative practice. These artworks are normally seen posted inside clubs, attached to telephone poles, pasted onto walls, or printed in weekly newspaper ads. Artworks included in this exhibition contain original imagery developed specifically for events that have occurred in Durham by artists working throughout the Triangle. Artists include Clark Blomquist, Bill Fick, Max Huffman, Ron Liberti, and Steve Oliva. Event locations such as Duke Gardens, The Pinhook, Bull City Records, Broad Street Cafe, The Armory, and Durham Performing Arts Center provide a mental backdrop for these artworks.

Developing unique imagery, these artists promote events and showcase their artistic practices using a variety of styles and production methods. While developing singular compositions intended for mass production, these artworks have an embedded responsibility to relay an event’s content while maintaining an individual artistic vision. Design is a main component in the development of these works. Using basic design elements and principles, the works have the ability to reach a broad range of audiences through careful use of typography, scale, repetition, and compositional layout.

The final production of the image is often reflective of the community that surrounds its purpose. This purpose and the imagery created can be understood as a true artistic response to an experience of environment and community. These artworks impact the perception of the event and help shape our communal experiences, thus rounding the relationship between the visual communication required for promotion and creative design.



Friday, September 6, 2019 - through Nov 16, 2019
09:00 AM

Reed Lobby Art Gallery

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