A Google Demo Day Surprise: A 25 Year-Old Latina Aims To Disrupt The Beverage Industry

"The story made a few headlines last week. Tatiana Birgisson, founder of a new beverage company called MATI Energy, took the top prize at Google GOOGL +0.15% Demo Day, the now annual event where the company invites winners of local US competitions to pitch their start-ups to local investors and industry watchers. As usual, the early stories did not quite get it right. True, Birgisson was one of four women founders to present on the stage. And true – as a number 0f Latin American publications excitedly reported – Birgisson who is half Icelandic and half Venezuelan, is a Latina. Not true is what CNN Money and others reported: that MATI Energy is not a tech company. Birgisson’s win last week, and the publicity that will come Google Demo Day, is but the latest episode in an ongoing story about the next industry ripe for technology disruption, broadly defined: food."

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