Winning Awards for Helping People Get Hip to Mass Transit

American Tobacco Campus strives to provide outstanding amenities, including how people get to and from work. We also understand transit’s role in improving air quality and reducing congestion. We’re happy that the region is growing, and we’re eager to do our part to make getting around easier.

So this summer, ATC teamed with GoTriangle to roll out a special deal. Starting July 1, 2015, people who work at an ATC tenant employer of any size can ride the bus from anywhere in the Triangle to and from work, Monday-Friday -- for free until June 30, 2016. We supply a GoPass, they hop on the bus.  

After a bit of campus marketing, the offering has zoomed past expectations. So far, we’ve issued more than 200 passes at ATC, plus about 60 to professionals working at one of the American Underground’s three Durham locations. To date, more than 25 businesses are participating, ranging from restaurants to the nonprofit giant FHI360 to software powerhouses Bronto and Avalara.   

Not only that, the American Tobacco Campus recently earned national recognition with a Best Workplaces for Commuters – Best WorkSITE designation!  ATC is the FIRST property management site designated as a BWC in the Triangle. A BWC worksite differs from a BWC workplace, in that the entire site affords exemplary commuter benefits to tenant employer/ees, (courtesy of Blackwell –ATC Management) vs just a single employer providing for its own employees.

In addition, the ATC (through GoSmart, the GoTriangle commuter benefits arm) was the recipient  of the ACT (Association for Commuter Transportation) award for the Parklets campaign, at their International Conference in Baltimore in early August, 2015.  The Parklet event was  hosted by the ATC and organized as a public event through GoSmart.   

A Parklet event is intended to increase awareness of sustainable commute options using a parking space-sized area to create an open space that could be used as an alternative to paved parking. ATC and other downtown employers participated to create a friendly competition of creative Parklet ideas, with Bronto bringing home the gold!

If you’re interested in following up on this success, (what does that mean? learning more about ATC’s sustainable transportation program success and commuter benefits options, please let us know. If/when you report on the relationship between business and mass transit, please keep us in mind.

* - Some ATC tenants, such as Duke University, have their own GoPass programs in place. Ultimately, we hope our program will encourage others to go this route.



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